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>Bentley Charlemagne

Bentley Charlemagne

Founder, CEO, and Chief Vision Officer

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>Gaylord C. Neal III, Ph.D.

Gaylord C. Neal III, Ph.D.

Managing Partner and Chief Revenue Officer

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>Nathan Albertelli, MBA

Nathan Albertelli, MBA

Business Administration Executive

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>Jim O’Brien, MBA

Jim O’Brien, MBA

Vice President, Qme JobHub

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>Karan Felix, Ph.D.

Karan Felix, Ph.D.

CFO, Global Finance Strategist

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>Theophilus R. Nix Jr., Esq.

Theophilus R. Nix Jr., Esq.

Senior Legal and Non-Profit Advisor

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>Walt McLaren

Walt McLaren

Executive Advisor and Workforce Development Partner

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>Gregg W. Garnick

Gregg W. Garnick

Strategic Funding Partner

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>Kimberly Broomer

Kimberly Broomer

EVP, PPE Specialist

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>Rhonda Coleman, MBA

Rhonda Coleman, MBA

Executive Top Tier Business Development

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>Reginald J. Middleton

Reginald J. Middleton

Advisor, Financial Consultant, Philanthropic, Trusts & Foundations

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>Judy Taibi

Judy Taibi

Advisor, Consultant

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>Ayanna Osinuga

Ayanna Osinuga

Advisor & Grant Writing Consultant

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>Nick Callazzo III

Nick Callazzo III

Advisor, Business Growth Consultant

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>Brooke Miles

Brooke Miles

Advisor, Consultant

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>Nate Dillard

Nate Dillard

Innovation Partner Co. NucleusX Business Ecosystem

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