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QME Spotlight Spearheads Digital Transformation in Dayton with Pioneering Partnership

Wilmington, Delaware – In a groundbreaking move, QME Spotlight, a leading innovator in digital ecosystem technologies, proudly announces its pivotal role in powering One Digital Dayton, a transformative initiative aimed at overcoming the digital divide in Dayton, Ohio. This collaboration underscores QME Spotlight's commitment to fostering digital inclusivity and empowerment across communities.

Revolutionizing Connectivity with QME Spotlight

QME Spotlight has been instrumental in revolutionizing the digital landscape of Dayton. As a vanguard in the field of digital technology, our mission extends beyond providing services; we are the architects of a digital future. Our partnership with One Digital Dayton exemplifies our vision of creating accessible, integrated digital environments that are pivotal for the success of communities in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Empowering One Digital Dayton: A Milestone in Collaborative Innovation

This collaboration with One Digital Dayton marks a significant achievement in our journey. Our state-of-the-art technological platform has enabled One Digital Dayton to offer a multitude of opportunities for jobs, workforce development and training, financial support, and community engagement. We have successfully bridged the gap between technology and people, making resources and information more accessible and navigable, all from the safety and comfort of their homes.

A Future Shaped by Technology and Community

A cornerstone of our partnership is the $15 million investment in the Global Impact STEM Academy (GISA), located at Clark State’s Springfield campus, set to commence in fall 2024. This collaboration, including efforts from the West Center Port Authority and Marker, Inc., aims to equip the Dayton community with the skills needed for high-demand technical careers in fields like aerospace and aviation technology. GISA is poised to be a hub for educational excellence and workforce development, aligning with our goal of nurturing a globally connected, skilled workforce.

Join Us in the Digital Journey

We invite you to be part of this digital evolution. Explore the opportunities that QME Spotlight offers and learn how we can transform your digital ecosystem. Visit http://www.qmespotlight.com for more information. Our partnership with One Digital Dayton is just the beginning. Qme has plans to stand-up 100 plus Digital Ecosystem in 2024. Together, we are setting the stage for a future that is digitally inclusive, diverse, and connected.

About QME Spotlight

QME Spotlight is at the forefront of developing and integrating comprehensive digital ecosystems. With a focus on creating accessible, innovative technological solutions, we are dedicated to empowering communities and organizations to excel in the digital age.

For More Information, Contact:

Gaylord Neal

Communications and Public Relations

Qme Spotlight Ecosystem

[email protected] 

About One Digital Dayton

One Digital Dayton is an initiative aimed at creating a digitally inclusive community in Dayton, Ohio. The initiative seeks to provide every citizen with access to a wide range of digital opportunities and resources, thereby fostering a united and empowered digital community.

For More Information, Contact:

Nate Dillard 

Ecosystem Partner for Dayton 

Qme Spotlight Ecosystem

[email protected] 



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