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QME Spotlight Ecosystem and MMCA Launch Platform Linking Resources to Local BIPOC Media Companies

Wilmington, Delaware – QME Spotlight Ecosystem, a global frontrunner in constructing digital platform solutions, is delighted to announce its ground-breaking alliance with the Multicultural Media & Correspondents Association (MMCA). The MMCA, a non-partisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting equity and inclusion within the media landscape, has harnessed QME's prowess in digital ecosystem creation to birth the BIPOCXChange Digital Ecosystem. This pioneering platform is dedicated to amplifying the voices and impact of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) media companies and news publishers. The result of this partnership is an unprecedented surge in membership, engagement, and corporate collaborations.

A Milestone in Media Representation and Financial Achievement

Leveraging QME's cutting-edge technology, the BIPOCXChange platform has experienced remarkable growth, including the onboarding of thousands of new publishers and media talents, alongside a substantial increase in donations within just 18 months of launching its QME-powered platform. This success underscores the critical role of technology in creating spaces for underserved communities to connect, collaborate, and flourish.

Empowering BIPOC Media with Substantial Financial Support

The impact of this partnership extends beyond technological integration. David Morgan, the founder of BIPOC Xchange, recently unveiled a collaboration with Morgan Stanley and LISC, offering up to $500,000 in incremental grants to support BIPOC media and news-making firms. This initiative, with a fund totaling up to $100 million, is being implemented through the Multicultural Media Correspondents Association.

David Morgan on the Partnership's Success

“Our work centers on fortifying the digital infrastructure and dismantling structural obstacles that have impeded BIPOC media stakeholders from realizing their untapped market potential. It also involves aiding marketers and other stakeholder partners in reducing risks and augmenting ROI when collaborating with BIPOC media. Our partnership with QME over the past 18 months has enabled MMCA to aggressively advance its mission through digitization.” - David Morgan, President, MMCA

QME's Commitment to Advocacy Through Technology

"QME remains committed to providing our proprietary technologies in support of transformative organizations like MMCA, to accelerate their mission and vision. BIPOCXChange.com stands at the forefront of championing greater equity, access, and prosperity within the BIPOC media, news, film, entertainment, journalism, and publishing industries. QME recognizes the pivotal role of providing technology that can be utilized for advocating for BIPOC communities, elevating their media presence, and securing their financial stability.” - Bentley Charlemagne, Founder & CEO, QME Spotlight Ecosystem

A Call to Action for Media Buyers and Collaborators

BIPOC Xchange and QME extend an invitation to all paid media buyers and prospective collaborators to explore https://bipocxchange.com/ for more information on partnering with the world's largest BIPOC media digital ecosystem. This collaboration represents a movement towards enhanced diversity, inclusion, and empowerment within the media landscape.

About QME

QME stands as a leading provider of digital platform solutions, specializing in technologies that empower organizations to reach their full potential in an increasingly digital world. https://qmespotlight.com/ 

About MMCA & BIPOCXchange

MMCA with the BIPOCXchange platform is leading the charge in empowering BIPOC media companies and news publishers, offering a platform for collaboration, advocacy, and financial growth within an underserved market.

Contact Information:

Dr. Gaylord Neal, PhD | Communications Strategist

P: 215=828-4995 | [email protected] 


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