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Qme Launches Ecosystem for Capital Readiness Solutions with Black Squirrel

Wilmington, Delaware – Qme Spotlight, a leader in digital innovation, and Black Squirrel Collaborative (BSC), proudly announces a landmark partnership aimed at transforming the landscape of helping small businesses and minority-owned businesses to become more capital-ready. As we step into February 2024, we celebrate a significant milestone marking eight months of transformative success since the launch of BizScoreline.com, a pioneering digital business assessment platform. This platform, born from the strategic partnership between Black Squirrel Collective and QME Spotlight Ecosystem, is at the forefront of redefining business sustainability assessments for small to mid-sized businesses.

BizScoreline.com is engineered to dissect and evaluate the critical infrastructure components of a business, covering Operations & Performance, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Human Resources, and Finance. By conducting a 60-minute online assessment, BizScoreline provides businesses with a tailor-made evaluation report. This report not only highlights the current operational state but also provides an industry-wide perspective, critical success factors, growth opportunities, and targeted recommendations for improvement.

In the wake of the pandemic's impact on underserved communities, the need for a strategic roadmap to recovery and growth has never been more critical. BizScoreline.com steps in as that crucial tool, offering businesses, especially those in underserved areas, a clear vision of their needs, industry benchmarks, and best practices. With Black Squirrel Collective's expert guidance, businesses receive not just an assessment but a plan of action to secure sustainability and foster job creation within their communities.

Further solidifying our commitment to the advancement of minority business enterprises (MBEs), QME and BSC have forged a strategic partnership with the Minority Business Development Agency Federal Procurement Center (MBDA FPC). This collaboration aims to enhance MBEs' success in federal contracting, underpinning our newly announced 'Public Sector' Business Unit.

Keith Moore, the Operator of the MBDA FPC, shared his enthusiasm for this partnership, recognizing BizScoreline.com as a transformative tool for small businesses. "Our alliance with QME and Black Squirrel Collective is poised to empower many of the 9.3 million minority-owned businesses across the country, preparing them for capital readiness, growth, and scalability," Moore stated. He further highlighted the Federal Government's commitment to fostering small business innovation and transformation through digital tools, essential for driving capital readiness.

As we move forward, the partnership between Black Squirrel Collective, QME Spotlight Ecosystem, and the MBDA FPC remains dedicated to leveraging technology and strategic insights to empower businesses. Our collective vision is clear: to build a future where every small and mid-sized enterprise has the tools, knowledge, and support to thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Small and midsize businesses are invited to visit https://BizScoreline.com .

About Black Squirrel Collective:

Building communities and entrepreneurs for the future...

Black Squirrel provides services as a NEXUS POINT for small business improvement and neighborhood revitalization that leverages resources for sustaining and scaling local enterprises to advance a community’s economic health and wealth. Through its network of industry professionals and technical assistance providers – Black Squirrel delivers solutions that emphasize Sustainable Economic Investment for Wealth Creation. https://blacksquirrel.co/ 

About Qme Spotlight Ecosystem:

Qme Spotlight Ecosystem is a leading provider of digital solutions that empower businesses to grow and thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Their innovative platforms and services are designed to simplify complex processes, streamline communication, and foster connectivity and collaboration. With a strong commitment to supporting small businesses and fostering business development and sales, Qme Spotlight Ecosystem is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and prosperous global economy. https://qmespotlight.com 

About MBDA Federal Procurement Center:

The Minority Business Development Agency Federal Procurement Center (MBDA FPC) is a key player in the U.S. Department of Commerce's efforts to connect minority-owned businesses with opportunities in the federal marketplace. By providing resources, guidance, and networking opportunities, MBDA FPC helps minority-owned businesses grow and succeed, contributing to the overall strength and diversity of the U.S. economy.  https://mbdafpcenter.com 

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Gaylord Neal

Communications and Public Relations

Qme Spotlight Ecosystem

[email protected] 


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