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Qme launches MBN USA industry-leading digital daily news platform

The MBN USA innovative, technology-driven site will help accelerate positive transformation in minority and multicultural businesses and communities. 

Dallas, Texas, Aug. 17, 2021/PRNewswire/ -- TexCorp Communications Inc. (TexCorp), the leading publisher in the supplier diversity and minority business inclusion space, today announces the launch of an industry-leading digital daily news platform to complement its award-winning quarterly magazine, Minority Business News USA (MBN USA). The purpose is to accelerate the support, promotion and recognition of the growth and success of minority businesses and their corporate partners.


Qme Spotlight Ecosystem (Qme) developed the solution. Qme is TexCorp’s exclusive agency of record providing marketing, branding, strategic business consulting and software development expertise.

Both MBN USA and Qme are certified minority business enterprises (MBEs) of the National Minority Supplier Development Council Inc.

The joint strategic relationship between TexCorp and Qme has helped MBN USA develop and implement a scalable digital news infrastructure, allowing the achievement of its new five-year strategic plan that is focused on driving the growth of: 1) minority businesses (African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Indian Americans and other ethnicities), 2) Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Predominantly Black Institutions and the communities they represent. 


“Through our MBN USA daily news platform, minority communities and corporate America can read, watch, share and interact with positive news about the success of minority business enterprises (MBEs), minority business inclusion and pursuits to strengthen our communities — locally, nationally and globally,” said Don McKneely, founder and president of MBN USA. “Our minority communities deserve to see more positive business news and imagery about our people, our successes and the corporate partners who are truly committed to minority business inclusion and supplier diversity.”

The new MBN USA platform and implementation of its five-year strategic plan will focus on: 1) strengthening and growing the NMSDC-certified MBE supply chain by 40%, 2) increasing HBCU student enrollments and graduates by 25%, 3) increasing the number of MBEs by 10%, 4) increasing MBE annual revenue generation by 5%, and 5) increasing mentorships between HBCU alumni and HBCU students 100%.  

MBN USA welcomes any individuals, corporate partners and foundations interested in partnering to help achieve this vision.

“Our partnership allows MBN USA to redefine how news is shared, delivered and consumed by those who are interested in minority business inclusion, supplier diversity and strengthening our communities,” said Bentley Charlemagne, founder and CEO of Qme Spotlight Ecosystem. “Our partnership will allow us to develop and execute a new vision to help counterbalance the negative impacts on diverse communities and minority/multicultural businesses. Rather than slowing down due to the recent pandemics, Don McKneely is accelerating the positive transformation process.” 

Membership has its exclusive privileges - The Top 7 benefits

MBN USA’s digital daily news platform offers a free membership that is loaded with news about: 1) access to capital, 2) contracting opportunities (corporate, government, global markets), 3) networking opportunities to build your business, 4) best practices for MBE business development and corporate supplier diversity strategies, 5) MBE professional development (events, resources, videos), 6) Exclusive Interviews with MBE owners, leaders in corporate America and minority business inclusion and supplier diversity newsmakers, and 7) minority businesses and communities,  including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions (NHSIs) and Alaska Native Serving Institutions (ANSIs).

To access these free benefits, visit MBN USA’s next-generation news platform at https://mbnusa.biz,  and join the MBN USA community. 

About TexCorp Communications Inc.

TexCorp Communications Inc. is a 33-year-old national news and media communications company focused on delivering the highest quality of minority and women business news through MBN USA (https://mbnusa.biz) and WE USA (https://weusa.biz). TexCorp is headquartered in McKinney, Texas, a Dallas suburb. The company provides advisory, consulting and news/media services to help improve minority business inclusion, supplier diversity and other supporting areas in diverse communities. Don McKneely, founder and president, is also the co-founder and chairman emeritus of the Billion Dollar Roundtable Inc., whose membership requires a minimum $1 billion annual spend with diverse businesses. MBN USA is a certified minority business enterprise of the National Minority Supplier Development Council Inc. 

About Qme Spotlight Ecosystem:

Qme Spotlight Ecosystem (https://qmespotlight.com) is an 11-year-old marketing and digital solutions agency offering comprehensive web solution services, application development, creative design, business growth consultancy and strategy, sales and customer acquisition and technology outsourcing services. Qme provides a complete ecosystem of services, helping businesses reach their next level of success. Qme empowers businesses and local communities to imagine, create, develop and deploy result-oriented solutions. Qme is an NMSDC-certified MBE based in  Wilmington, Delaware.  Qme operates globally.

Contact Information: Gaylord C. Neal III | Public Relations and Media Communications | email: [email protected]  

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