Influencer Marketing in Fashion

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The fashion world is powered by influencers whose followings trust their recommendations and opinions on fashion brands. This outweighs the efforts of product ads (pop ups) which the majority of millennials block from their browsers. Your customers are looking for genuine endorsements from real people that are unbiased in the community. Their viewers are ready to see what brands are tagged if available!

Ultimately these influencers can expose your brand to customers ready to throw their money at you.

What Social Platform?

In fashion it is all about visual stimulation. The most popular platform in this space is Instagram where the main driving component is the digital image content. The influencers post attractive, impactful and creative digital images on the platform that cultivates a large fashion related following.

These influencers also get a lot of action from their followers. You may see hundreds of comments under one picture. What makes the difference is engagement where the influencer  organically interacts with their followers by responding to their posts. Their followers tend to ask where they purchased their outfit. This is really good when looking for the kind of engagement that will convert into sales.

Micro-Influencers Are Winning !

Most micro-influencers built their platform with passion from the ground up. Their first thoughts were not to monetize. Because of the authenticity of their personal digital content that they have released, they built a solid and loyal following. There is a sense of trust that their followers develop and begin to see them as more of an unbiased friend. These influencers are extremely connected to their followers. They typically share their special life moments that their followers can relate to and respect.

Influencers that can effectively connect with their community personally are the people who can help your fashion brand attract loyal customers. This is a special bond with these influencers that a fashion brand couldn’t form on their own.

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