Next Level Mindset of UX & UI Designers …

“Always leave them wanting more”

Nothing can define what we are better than this very famous saying from Walt Disney. These words have always been our driving point while delivering work and satisfying customers. (UI & UX designer)

Delivering quality with a value attached to your brand with UI & UX designer:

Our work is a craft – something that we hone and aim to improve constantly.  It is an art form to develop smart and useful UX and UI software products that capture the attention of your customers, while retaining an easy-to-use environment. Approaching your UI/UX designer as something that we craft – something that we describe as an art form – for you is the value proposition we give to you and what we will use to elevate your brand head and shoulders over your competitors.

Keeping it fun and friendly

There is a certain stigma attached to some professions where the customer might believe that programmers are only good at what they program and that they do not like their time wasted on doing things not directly related to programming.  Our programmers welcome feedback from clients and believe that it is better to provide clients with an environment where they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. We also keep an open dialogue with our customers and keep the tone of discussion warm, responsive and friendly.

Complete Success

For us, “Success” is “the accomplishment of hitting and surpassing our target and reaching a purpose” of 100% customer satisfaction.  I always make sure our team performs every possible test to promote an error-free and efficient project result.

Good experiences are hard to build and it takes a lot of paperwork, creative energy and time.

Great experiences and customer satisfaction come as a result of my endless efforts. The sleepless nights that we give to the products we create and continuously improve raises the bar of our personal best efforts.  This is what we are known for – dedication, hard work, and continuous skill improvement. We intend to play hard, compete harder, to drive excitement of best products result in the creative space for creative design, UI, UX, and image visuals. We promise to serve the digital community in a better way to the best of my ability.



Mohammad Kasim

Managing Partner Qme Business Ecosystem –


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Mohammad Kasim

Creative Director / Business Success Consultant

15+ years experience in Design Creative and UI/UX Digital Solutions.
As we call him at Qme, Kasim is a specialist when it comes to translating ideas into intuitive designs that communicate your digital products. He does not restrict himself to design; he is able to leverage his cross-skill to support innovation across the Qme ecosystem.

Kasim believes that a properly executed product design should translate into economic value for that business. Kasim leads both pre and post-design thought processes and research to ensure optimal brand aesthetics and experience for your end-user.