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About Us

Who We Are

We are an eclectic group of like-minded individuals on a common mission, with a ferocious passion for solving challenges that make businesses, communities and people better. We build brand identities and develop software solutions to elevate and empower ideas to enhance the growth of the world.

Our Mission

From our inception, we have set out to drive two distinctive objectives: [1] To offer our combined capabilities and master skill sets to individuals who aspire to develop their ideas into sustainable brands and [2] To nurture and drive our unique ambitions to solve key market challenges by developing custom proprietary products, to meet those challenges.

Our Vision and Philosophy

We believe that for great “IDEAS” to succeed, they require extreme action and a team that possesses impeccable skills and ingenuity. It is with this core fundamental belief that we approach every “IDEA” to – Innovate | Develop | Engage | Accomplish winning results for our partners.

How We Drive Our Business Model

A Swarm Intelligence Powered Master Solution Engine

Each core service silo of the Qme Business Ecosystem works in symbiosis to efficiently deliver our intended core mission: to meet the targeted needs of our clients.

We Possess Global Master Level Talents

We approach and solve every complex business challenge with good vibes, commitment, discovery, vision, process and skill with an unprecedented team that will stop at nothing to get the desired result.

Sustained Performance to Every Finish Line

We innovate, create and do the work it takes to be acclaimed. If it does not exist, we create a universe where it does exist.

Software Development Services

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