Strengthening Communities Through Identity

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Like the threads that hold our world together, communities are the commonalities between groups of people that cause them to come together for the greater good. Communities are only as strong as that bond. However; they must be nurtured and bolstered through constant effort. A strong sense of identity helps people from varying backgrounds unite within one group. Therefore, to ensure a community’s strength, there must be a solid definition of what makes that particular group’s similarities unique on a larger scale. The group must have an identity distinct from others around them.

To accomplish this, consider working within your community in team-building exercises and similar activities. If your community is made up of hundreds of different backgrounds and worldviews, don’t sweat it – focus on the commonalities that bring you together. If your identity is too broad, you will lose interest and involvement. For example, if you are an environmentalist group, focus on your particular geographical area as your point of interest.

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