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Creative Design

Creative originality is best seen in the masterful works of nature.  Nature’s creativity is a limitless performance utilizing the environment; space, water, darkness, light, and air – producing infinite possibilities. We draw inspiration from this and call it Kinetic Creative.

Creative Design Portfolio

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions to us are about developing rails that connect and communicate a tangible value that you can use and enjoy. We refer to this as Digital Rain: it connects intelligently to transfer value across everything it touches to reach your intended goals.

Digital Solutions Portfolio

Brand Development

Crafting strategies to communicate your brand must involve the art of exchange. We call this the Bee Result. Balanced exchange with quantifiable win-win results. Bees collect nectar to create honey.  In exchange, they pollinate plants that reproduce, bear fruits and multiply.

Marketing Services Portfolio

Digital Marketing Services

We craft authentic visual media content built around your brand culture and DNA to capture the value and message you want to communicate. We then curate that message and push it across the global Social ‘MetaVerse’.

Influencer Marketing

Our influencer match program is rooted in authentic relationships. We call this the Bridge Ecosystem. Real people that will use, eat, drink, play, share and love the things that improve the quality of their lives.

Big Data Solutions

We specialize in people-relevant data-solutions that deliver efficiency in predictive and non- predictive environments. Our methodology uses Swarm Intelligence Analytics fingerprinting.

Software Product Development

It takes energy and ingenuity to create. We call this Digital Carbon. We use this energy to propel the development of meaningful technology solutions to meet world challenges.

Software Product Portfolio

Media Content Development

When we see beautiful engaging content, we experience the dance of communicative triumph. We call this Aurora Beautiful – the art of universal translation.

Consulting & Analyst Services

Our cross-vertical consultant group works as a collective using our Hive Mind Intelligence method to solve complicated business challenges.

The Qme Business Ecosystem Marketplace over the past 10 Years has closed several key acquisitions and joint strategic partnerships to develop an unmatched Solutions Driven Thinktank Ecosystem. We command top expertise in: Technology, DevOps, IOT, Blockchain, Web/Apps, Design UI/UX, Marketing/Branding, Business Consulting/Analysts and Capital/Funding Solutions.

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