The Qme Business Consulting Hub has developed a global, cross-skilled network of 1500+ top industry Consultants, Advisors, and Business Growth Partners that our clients can leverage on-demand without paying "Fortune 500 level costs".

  • Expert vetted consultants we manage and guarantee

  • Localization when you need a presence anywhere

  • Manage your cost exposure without compromise

  • All managed by one agency; we connect and handle everything for you

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Consultant Snippets

Built Through Relationships. Powered by Expertise.
Utilizing Our Network to Drive Your Success.

Senior Grant Writer and Researcher

Ayanna Osinuga

Fitness Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Dwayne Adams Sr.

Selling Skills and Sales Management Trainer

Judy Taibi

Small Business Performance Coach & Trainer

Nick Callazzo III

Health Informatics Systems Consultant

Shawn Davis

Social Media Marketing Strategist and Consultant

Brooke Miles

Senior Level Finance and Philanthropic Advisor and Consultant

Reginald J. Middleton

Senior Level Government Contracting Specialist and Consultant

Joseph Moore

Managing Partner - President of Qme Consultant Hub

Gaylord C. Neal III

Board Member and Legal Advisor


Global Finance Strategist & Advisor

Karen Felix

Managing Partner - Business Strategist

Julieann Pickett

Managing Partner, Attorney/Consultant

G. Christopher Ramsey, JD

Lead Full Stack Developer

Abdul Basit

Product Development I Manufacturing I Branding I Global Sourcing

Clinton “Prez” Harris II

Human Resources Executive

Tonya Trent

Finance and Operations Executive and Consultant

Catherine Roberts

Small Business Success Training CEO Executive Coaching and Mentoring Motivational Speaking

Paisley Demby

Economic Development, Policy and Strategic Diversity Consultant


Senior Level Law Enforcement, Security & Community Policing

Anthony Floyd Jr.

Team lead, Architect - BlockChain & Smart Contract Engineer

Hamza Ahmed

Architect and Senior Developer

Asim Ashfaq

Why Choose Us

Our mission
To provide world-class, cross-industry business consulting services and support to Organizations, Government Agencies, and Businesses we serve in an agile and cost-effective manner.

We deliver unmatched and unique business solutions using our cross-vertical globally diverse consultant network. We believe that knowledge and know-how is power, so we created a system to harness the power of collective using our Hive Mind Intelligence Method to help our customers solve complicated business challenges.

We use our resources to solve our clients’ challenges and accelerate success.
We make it efficient, cost-effective and reliable!


You Are In Control
Whether you need short-term or long-term integrated support, we have subject matter experts to help navigate your business through the murky waters of business Stabilization, Optimization, and Expansion.

Qme will help you position the exact expertise to work remotely or directly inside your business to guide you and your team to reach the next level in your vision.


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Let’s discuss your challenges and let us show you how we can help. We are confident we can help your business succeed.


Our Consulting Process

Strategic Consultation Services Integration By Design

Qme realized, in this changing and fast-developing business environment, clients would constantly ask for our expertise to help them position for a critical milestone of their business growth – However, once the project was done, so would be the specialized consulting resource. Some of our clients have begun requesting a more stable consulting ongoing support program, so we agreed and have stepped into the space to develop unique matching high-level assets for them.

We’ll do the vetting and hiring for you to place the correct asset to help your business on a contracted basis.


Some of the types of experts we provide:

  • Sales and Business Development Strategists
  • Part-time VPs of Sales
  • Professional Sales Skills Trainers
  • Business Planners (Startup To Mature)
  • Funding and Investor Sourcing Partners
  • Part-time CFOs
  • Software Solutions Consultants
  • Business Attorneys
  • Project Management Experts
  • Contract Negotiation Strategists


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