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We give our partners the flexibility to do more

The Qmespotlight Ecosystem has developed a global, cross-skilled network of 1500+ top industry experts that can support clients worldwide. Leverage IT Services, Developers, Programmers, Designers, Brand Growth Partners, Advisors and Consultants on-demand to help clients drive their mission.

We have emerged as a leader in developing dynamic solutions to drive value-add results for businesses looking to outsource technology expertise rather than hire, train, manage and retain them in-house. We help clients to unlock new opportunities to earn higher ROI. Strengthen your core competency by hiring experts partners that are ready to perform on their very first day to build empowering solutions that will scale your business. 

Hire the skills you need when you need it and how you need it. Whether you need a part-time programmer or a full-time project manager or consultant, we have you covered. We’ll assign the right personnel to support you and we’ll manage the day-to-day details so you don’t have to worry about the red tape. 

Why Hire Our Ecosystem Talent?


Hire the exact skills you need when you need them without all of the extra employment onboarding rigor. We will help you craft a detailed model to accommodate your growth plan.

Value Add

Yield generous cost savings without compromising the level of talent you need. Reduce training time and gain the ability to scale your team on-demand with better efficiency.

Flexible Expansion

Working with us, you’ll access skilled professionals where you can position support for your business and customers around the clock, leveraging our global workforce.

Hire Talent

Java Developer

Node.Js, Express.Js, Angular.Js, Meteor.Js, React.Js, MEAN

Ecommerce Development

Magento 2, Shopify, Drupal, Prestashop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento 1/Migration, Magento Enterprise, Ecommerce Application Development, Ecommerce Kiosk, Ecommerce Support

Mobile App Developer

Native, Hybrid, Web Apps,Tech-Focused Apps, Wearable Apps, IoT Apps, Game App Development, On-Demand App Development, Super App Development, Progressive Web App Development, Face Recognition App

PHP Developer

Drupal 8, Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Zend, Yii, Symfony, CakePHP, LAMP

Grant Writer

Tell us about your project. Collaborate with our qualified proven grant writers to develop success strategies to find the best fit for your project.

Enterprise Developer

Dashboarding, Enterprise Mobility, Digital Transformation, Tableau, SAP Integration, Salesforce, SharePoint, ERP, Corporate Kiosk, Managed IT Services, Product Engineering, Product Maintenance

React JS Developer

Get a complete range of dedicated ReactJS resources and services to support your application development, deployed and future growth success planning.

Mean Stack Developer

Competence in database management with MongoDB, Skills in Express.js programming skills, Expertise in AngularJs and Node js coding, Proficiency in HTML5, XHTML and CSS programming, MVC Design Patterns and UI, UX design and development, Front-end development with different JS frameworks

Project Manager & Consultants

Hire a specialist, top skilled individuals from our global consultant network across every industry. Special project sales experts, New territory managers and relationship builders, exports and imports, government partnerships, C level executive match makers and more.

QA & Testing

Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Mobile Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Accessibility Testing

Brand Development Mentor

Our partners believe in our small business growth mission. Why spend years tweaking and perfecting - we can match you with experts that have already done it big in your space. Get to the top with industry support mentors.

Managed IT & Infrastructure Security

Application Maintenance, Remote Infrastructure Management, DevOps Service, Data Center Operation, Managed IT Security, Virtualization, Cloud Solutions, PCIDSS Compliance, GDPR Compliance, MS Office 365 Collaboration, Cyber Defence, Contact Center Solutions

Scrum Project Experts

Let us help you accelerate your project delivery with speed and efficiency. Our agile team of scrum project management development specialists are ready to guide your next project to optimal success.

Dotnet Developer

Dedicated .Net Developers, IoT & Embedded Systems, .NET Core Database Management Solutions, Cloud-based Solutions & Integrations, .NET Migration, .NET Desktop App Development

DevOps Engineers

Personalized DevOps Consultation, Enterprise DevOps Solutions, Dedicated DevOps Developers, DevOps Integration Services, DevOps Automation, DevOps Support & Maintenance, DevOps Configuration & Management, DevOps Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS)

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Hire Specialised Talent

Managed by QME Business Ecosystem

Mohammad Kasim

Creative Director / Business Success Consultant

15+ years experience in Design Creative and UI/UX Digital Solutions.
As we call him at Qme, Kasim is a specialist when it comes to translating ideas into intuitive designs that communicate your digital products. He does not restrict himself to design; he is able to leverage his cross-skill to support innovation across the Qme ecosystem.

Kasim believes that a properly executed product design should translate into economic value for that business. Kasim leads both pre and post-design thought processes and research to ensure optimal brand aesthetics and experience for your end-user.