Are you too smart for your own good?

Why what you learn in school and what you need to know to advance your career don’t mix well… If you’ve ever held a position, no matter what level or industry you are in, and you’ve been told “you’re too smart for your own good” by your manager or a higher-up, you can say goodbye […]

Next Level Mindset of UX & UI Designers …

“Always leave them wanting more” Nothing can define what we are better than this very famous saying from Walt Disney. These words have always been our driving point while delivering work and satisfying customers. (UI & UX designer) Delivering quality with a value attached to your brand with UI & UX designer: Our work is […]

“Social Media” Giving a Greater Edge to Businesses in the Stiffer Competition

As the marketplace changed its image, the social media websites changed the way the marketers handle the game. With the increasingly stiffer competition, the marketers and business leaders need to step up their approach so they can complement the growing competition. It’s a good thing there are social media sites that help every business not […]

Influencer Marketing

The fashion world is powered by influencers whose followings trust their recommendations and opinions on fashion brands. This outweighs the efforts of product ads (pop ups) which the majority of millennials block from their browsers. Your customers are looking for genuine endorsements from real people that are unbiased in the community. Their viewers are ready […]

Escalate Your Small Business to the Top with QmeSpotlight

Escalate Your Small Business to the Top with QmeSpotlight Posted By: QmeSpotlightGroup Escalate Your Small Business to the Top with Qme Business Ecosystem Being a small business has never meant that you didn’t have to look apart from your competitors. It’s time your brand gets a face-lift. Simplify your marketing, social outreach and customer acquisition […]